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Five Positive Steps to Keep Your Business Healthy


When business is quiet, it’s easy to panic. How long will this last? What am I doing wrong? Should I just give up? And with panic comes the temptation to take drastic action. Maybe I should slash my prices? Or perhaps I could take on that job that’s not really my thing but would bring […]

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7 ways photographers can use SMS messaging with Light Blue


When it comes to client communication, the humble text message can work wonders within your photography business. Short but mighty, an SMS message wields the power to nurture relationships, boost your reputation and showcase your professionalism. Not bad for a bit of tech first used 30 years ago by a software programmer to wish his […]

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How to run a successful Christmas mini-session campaign


What’s the secret to a successful mini-session campaign? It’s not your set, it’s not your props, it’s not even your promotional image. We spoke to newborn and family portrait photographer, Amy Knowles to find out: “You need to sell an experience to people.” “Photographers tend to obsess about the promotional image, the set that they’re […]

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Increase your average sales by nurturing your clients


Increasing your average sale for every session that you shoot means reaching your business goals more quickly or by relying on a smaller number of clients. Newborn photographer Mhari-Clare of Flutterby Photography shared how she’s seen a 2.4x increase in average sales from her sessions with a few simple steps.

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Filling your diary with quality repeat clients


We all work hard to find different ways of attracting new clients and bringing in new business, but how much untapped potential is there in the list of clients you’ve worked with before? We spoke to Brentwood newborn photographer, Kristina Mack about how she was able to use her existing customer list to fill the […]

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Top Tips for a Professional Photography Email Signature


When it comes to building your photography business’ brand, it needs to consistent across every touch point with clients and prospects. From a slick website to a memorable logo and across every possible form of communication, cohesively conveying what your brand stands for is crucial. But have you given much thought to your photography business’ […]

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Managing your editing queue & your client's expectations


Keeping clients content while battling through the edit backlog is a challenge. The risk of burnout is real. Let’s help you to get on top of the workload. We’ll look at how you can buy yourself some breathing space by automatically managing your client’s expectations, and also get a clearer view of the work in […]

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How to Choose the Best Email Template Tools for Photographers


As a professional photographer who understands the importance of clear client communication, you may already use a few email templates. You know the kind: ‘Thanks for getting in touch. I’d be delighted to arrange a chat at a mutually convenient time.’ Or how about: ‘The big day is getting closer! So I thought it would […]

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Should You Include A Price List on Your Website? A Guide to How to Decide


To share or not to share. That is the question. Deciding whether to include a full price list on your website has been a long-standing conundrum for photographers. Visit some of your fellow photographers’ websites and you’ll see some take the transparent route: they dedicate a page to detailing precise prices for specific services. Others […]

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Measuring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your business


The coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of us in a variety of ways. We’re a small company and the whole Light Blue team is either currently or previously a professional photographer, so we understand the difficulties that you are going through at the moment. Being able to measure the impact that the pandemic has had […]

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How to Upsell Wedding Albums: Tips from a Pro


In the first of a series of chats with accomplished photographers, we speak to Scottish Wedding & Portrait Photographer, Suzanne Black about how to successfully but subtly persuade clients to buy an album of images celebrating their big day. What do professional photographers and the world’s biggest music stars have in common? They all like selling albums. […]

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Increase your bookings by assigning second shooters, contractors or associates


Do you find that you’re ending up with more than one enquiry for the same date, and that you aren’t able to fulfil both of those enquiries? As shoots are being rescheduled and postponed as a result of the ongoing pandemic, it’s very likely that you’ll have more than one client interested in booking you […]

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Handling delayed invoices and payments


While shoots and projects are being postponed, rescheduled or cancelled, you will find that there’s a need to alter existing financial arrangements with some of your clients. This article covers some of the more common situations you may face for refunding money, cancelling invoices or deferring the date when you’ll be asking for payment. There’s […]

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How to message a large group of your contacts about the Covid-19 pandemic


You might need to reach out to your clients to give them an update on your policy regarding the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve seen some of these emails that photographers are sending out being reported as spam by the recipients, which can damage your ability to get emails delivered to clients’ inboxes. We’re […]

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Making it easy for your upcoming wedding clients to see your available 2021 dates if they're rescheduling their wedding


The Covid-19 pandemic sadly means that many couples are having to postpone their weddings and are looking for alternative dates. In order to make it easier for your clients to select a date on which you are going to be available, you may wish to share a calendar of your available dates. Should that be […]

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Managing postponed shoots & making it easy to rearrange them


The Covid-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented effect on photographers and many of you are having to postpone some of your bookings. This guide shows you how you can reschedule sessions in Light Blue in a way that makes them easy to identify layer. That will leave you in a good position to quickly finding […]

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Using Light Blue to help your business during the COVID-19 pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of us in a variety of ways. We’re a small company and the whole Light Blue team is either currently or previously a professional photographer, so we understand the difficulties that you are going through at the moment. We’re here to help people run a successful business, and one […]

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Forecasting expected income


Getting a clear picture of when you’re going to receive income is very important and helpful at the best of times, but during this unprecedented period of uncertainty your businesses ability to forecast its income is essential. No forecasting model is going to be iron clad, but the ability for you to look ahead will […]

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5 ways to quickly get more out of Light Blue in 2020


Your business is constantly evolving as you introduce changes and improvements, investing time now in order to enjoy benefits well into the future. Let’s explore a few ways that Light Blue can make your business easier to run and to be more effective. Light Blue is a flexible and powerful tool that offers a great […]

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Keeping in touch with your customers this Christmas


At this time of year, many photographers are getting in touch with their customers in order to send their season’s greetings. You might be sending everyone a festive newsletter or posting them a Christmas card.  You’ve been adding information to Light Blue throughout the year, and now’s a perfect time to get that information to go […]

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Speed up your workflow by importing your orders from Fundy


As a busy social photographer, you’re always looking for tools that will help to lighten your workload and save you time. Our friends at Fundy help to save time with all your photo design needs. With Fundy designer you can design albums and signing books, create wall art, design web collages and watermark images all […]

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Using Light Blue for Newborn Photography


Photographing newborns is a rewarding experience. You get to share in the magic of their first few weeks on Earth and capture those moments for the proud parents. But get ready to expect the unexpected. We’re not just talking about the kind of surprises only a tiny baby can provide during a shoot. They also […]

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Save time by importing your ProSelect orders into Light Blue


Selling products to your clients face to face after a portrait session is a long-established method of taking orders and making money. In-person sales (IPS) sessions wained a little with the surge in popularity of online web gallery systems, but their popularity is on the rise again. Many photographers choose the IPS model as they […]

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Getting to grips with the Task Manager in Light Blue


In any photography business, you’re going to have things that you need to get done in order to deliver great service and pictures to your clients. Running a small business means that you’ve got to do everything from responding to new enquiries through to handing over finished products to your client, and all of the […]

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