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Customer stories - Lynne Kennedy


Lynne Kennedy is based in the far north-west of Scotland, next to the Isle of Skye, where she specialises in photographing elopements and small weddings. The majority of her shoots are on Skye but she occasionally travels a little further afield to another island or remote part of the mainland. She’s been photographing weddings since […]

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Using Light Blue to follow up enquiries


Do you follow up on enquiries? You could be missing out on work. We loved this tweet from Graham Carruthers. It can be difficult to keep on top of enquiries, but with Light Blue you can set up a workflow that automatically follows up enquiries. Workflows can be used to add a series of tasks, […]

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Using quotes to forecast income in Light Blue


We know that one of the most important parts of your business admin is being able to forecast accurately. Being able to know exactly what is happening in your business at any time helps you to plan for the future. With Light Blue, you can run various reports to check your business finances, one very […]

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Using Light Blue to handle large numbers of leads


As a wedding or portrait photographer, there are times you need to handle large numbers of leads. You might attend a number of wedding fairs throughout the year and need an easy way to handle all the contacts from that, or maybe you run a busy portrait studio and need to manage lists of leads […]

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Using Light Blue to manage multiple brands


We know that a lot of photographers run multiple brands under one business. Maybe you shoot both weddings and newborn photography, or you have a separate website for corporate photography. With Light Blue you can run all these brands in a single account.* This is really handy for a lot of people because, while they […]

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5 more tips for getting started with Light Blue


We posted part one of our series of blog posts on five tips for getting started with Light Blue a couple of weeks ago. If you missed it, it’s worth reading it first before today’s post! After part one, you should be getting to grips with the basics of adding shoots, contacts, and workflows. Today […]

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Getting your Facebook lead generation advert data into Light Blue


For many of our customers, Facebook is a key marketing tool. There are lots of different ways to market on Facebook from organic posting to paid adverts. One of the most popular tools is to use a Facebook lead generation advert. You might be running a competition or have a great offer that will get […]

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5 tips for getting started with Light Blue


We understand that it can be daunting learning a new software, especially one that’s as powerful and full of features as Light Blue. Its easy to put it off because its all too overwhelming. We want to help! We have a great “Setting up Light Blue” webinar to help you get set up and if […]

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Exporting invoices to Quickbooks


Keeping on top of your finances is really important when you are running a business and, while we have some great tools in Light Blue to help with this, some business need even more accounting tools. Many of our customers use QuickBooks to do their accounts and had asked for an easier way to get […]

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Useful things to have in your camera bag, other than cameras and lenses!


Camera? Check. Phone? Check. Bin bags? Err … Preparing for a shoot always includes carefully packing your camera bag. But what exactly should you try to squeeze in to all those handy pockets? And why might those bin bags come in handy? Here we delve deep into the camera bag essentials that might just become […]

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How to avoid a data loss disaster


Dealing with a deluge of data is unavoidable when running a business.  For professional photographers, managing and protecting your client details, schedules, invoices and of course all those precious images is vital.  Lose it and you’ll end up in stormy waters. You’ll be faced not only with a loss of income and huge administration headaches, […]

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Ten essential email templates for photographers


“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw In any business, effective communication is crucial. In photography, it’s a simple way to set and meet expectations before, during and after a shoot. Keeping in touch at every stage of the customer journey helps to avoid misunderstandings […]

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Teen portraits - The Next Big Thing in Portraiture in the UK - Christina Lauder


Leicestershire family portrait photographer Christina Lauder is originally from Toronto, Canada. She moved to the UK 20 years ago for a job transfer in software consulting & eventually found herself starting a new career as a portrait photographer, something she’d wanted to do since she was a child. I’ve had the chance to try pretty much […]

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Using scheduling tools to allow your customers to book shoots online with Light Blue's API


Photographers all over the world are using Light Blue’s powerful forms to streamline their workflows, using them to feed new enquiries straight from their website into Light Blue. They’re really easy to set up and embed in your website, and you can also our forms as part of your online booking process. Light Blue also […]

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Sending text messages with Light Blue


Light Blue allows you to send text messages to your clients, which is great for appointment reminders and marketing. There are two different ways of sending text messages from Light Blue: Via our dedicated number service, which is available in most countries. Or, if you’re based in the UK, Ireland, or Australia, you can send […]

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Importing Light Blue contract templates issued by third parties


Light Blue’s online contract signing service is one of the most popular features of our online services. It’s really easy to publish contracts for your clients to sign quickly. You need to set up at least one contract template which contains your terms and conditions in order to send contracts to your clients. We don’t […]

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Finding and deleting old personal data from Light Blue


One of the tools that we added in Light Blue 7.1 is a housekeeping command that makes it easier to find old records that you might want to delete from Light Blue. For example, if the introduction of the GDPR means that you no longer want to keep any personal information about your clients any […]

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Asking your clients to opt into your mailing list


New Mailing List Opt-In Form With Light Blue 7.1.2, you can now send your clients to a special form that allows them to opt in to your mailing list. Each of your contact records has a special URL that identifies them, and you can get that URL in two different ways: If you only want […]

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GDPR: advice on securing the devices you use Light Blue on


The introduction of GDPR is a good opportunity to make sure that you’re following best practices when it comes to securing the data that you use to run your business. Light Blue Software takes extensive precautions to secure every aspect of the online services that we offer, but because Light Blue stores a copy of […]

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Using Light Blue to help send a festive message to your customers


As Christmas approaches, many photographers are turning their attention to contacting their customers in order to send their season’s greetings. You’ve been adding information to Light Blue throughout the year, and now’s a perfect time to get that information to go to work for you. Using Light Blue you can find the records of customers who […]

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Building a professional image to your customers with Light Blue Software. 


This is the second in a series of articles written by photographer & Light Blue customer, Nick Church, about how Light Blue has helped him to grow his photography business. In my previous article, I discussed how Nick Church Photography relies on Light Blue to handle all aspects of my bookings, customers and shoots to […]

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Importing purchases from a spreadsheet


It’s all very well recording your income, but unless you also have your expenditure in the same system then you can’t see how profitable your business is. The advantage of managing your photography business in Light Blue is that everything linked together. It allows you to quickly & easily run reports on the financial state […]

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Exporting data from Light Blue


Throughout this short series of articles, we’ve been covering how to make the most out of the information that you’ve already entered into Light Blue. There’s a few different ways of finding useful information that’s already in Light Blue, both with Quick Queries and creating your own more specific searches using the Query Dialog. Once you’ve found the data you’re looking […]

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Light Blue's List View & Custom Reports


In this short series of articles, we’ve been covering how to make the most out of the information that you’ve already entered into Light Blue. We’ve previously looked at different ways of finding useful information that’s already in Light Blue, both with Quick Queries and creating your own more specific searches using the Query Dialog. That data […]

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