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Light Blue is used by thousands of photographers and filmmakers, working in every imaginable genre across the world. Here's what some of them have to say about why they love Light Blue.

Jacob & Pauline
Luxury wedding photography & films

I cannot imagine a day at work without Light Blue. It makes my life so much easier in every way you can think of, and it makes me feel so organised. I would highly recommend it to everyone who runs a professional photography business!”

Helen Bartlett
Canon ambassador, family photographer

Light Blue is like having another member of staff in my business, who can answer every question before I ask it!

I have a lot of very loyal clients, who book me time and time again, and Light Blue lets me keep a record of everything I've done for them: from the shoots themselves through to the images they ordered, changes in my pricing structure over the years, and so on, so I can really easily see a full picture of their relationship with me. That allows me to offer a consistent service with great attention to detail, even tailoring each shoot to suit the sort of products which I know the client likes.”

Jamie Bott
Multi-award-winning wedding & portrait photographer

The customer care and support has always been fantastic. It's very rare that I find something that I need that Light Blue doesn't offer, but I love that they listen to feedback and actually implement changes based on what its users need it to do.

The longer I've been a Light Blue user, the more I get from being able to analyse the numbers and now that I'm finally in a position where I'm looking to really grow my business Light Blue is 100% the vehicle I will be driving!”

Elli Cassidy
Fujifilm & Elinchrom ambassador, newborn photographer

"In a nutshell, Light Blue is like my own assistant and something I would always list as a priority to any photography business. Newborns arrive when they want, so a flexible yet organised scheduling system is exactly what I need. Light Blue manages that superbly along with personalised workflows for all my different session types.

It’s beneficial to both myself and my clients that I can access my information whilst on the go with the mobile app. Light Blue keeps me organised, saving a vast amount of time, and my clients get prompt responses, many automated even if they don’t realise it. Bookings, information, invoices, confirmations and book keeping is all made a breeze."

Tianna Jarrett-Williams
Nikon ambassador, maternity & newborn photographer

"It does the lot! I can give my clients access to available dates and times for everything from phone call consultations through to scheduling their own in-person sales appointments. This all helps to take the stress off me."

Nick Church
Photographer & educator

"Light Blue is my second brain. For every enquiry that comes in, my availability is checked, invoicing handled, and calendar managed. The workflows mean I can respond in a timely, consistent fashion allowing me to maintain my brand position on the highest quality of service.

The time Light Blue saves you from having to manage all your admin and workflows can be better invested in your photography and getting your work out there to get bookings. This alone means Light Blue quickly pays for itself, and ensures you move more your photography more quickly to where you want it to be."

Jess Farmer
Portrait & business photographer, England

"Before Light Blue I had lots of different spreadsheets in different places and scraps of paper and I struggled to keep on top of what stage I was at with a job. Now I simply click into a client record and I can check what progress I am making on a job, see what I need to do next, how much I am charging, any costs associated with that job, my contract and booking form is all linked up and easy to find.

I would not be without Light Blue! It is literally the thread that holds all elements of my business together helping me to manage my clients efficiently.

Not only this but I can then extract all information I need to improve my business, check my profits, where my clients are coming from, what sort of jobs I am taking on etc. All this is crucial to improving my business performance and freeing up time for me to do the creative fun bit!

Oh and by the way... their customer service is another level - fast, friendly and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble!"

Duncan Ireland
Wedding photographer, Scotland

"Having Light Blue is like having an admin assistant supporting me, having my back through the busiest Summer I've ever known. At the times I've been run off my feet, Light Blue has kept me on track and taken the stress out of managing my bookings.

Light Blue fills the gaps in my business management that I’m not good at. It takes the second guessing out of running my business: everything is easy to keep track of.

Most importantly, it just works and has never let me down."

Anna Granath
Newborn, family, & wedding photographer, Sweden

"It's easy to set up the basics to get started, but also has a lot of features that you can setup later on. Those are probably the most valuable since they save a lot of time! For example the booking calendar, knowing all kinds of statistics in matter of seconds and the automatic e-mails and workflows that are customisable to my personal branding. Light Blue gives me more time to focus on the more creative sides of running a business.

The customer service is both quick and amazing! You can tell that they know what photographers need and offer help both through webinars and close personal contact."

Jaime Seymour-Newton
Fine art portrait photographer, North Carolina

"I have been using Light Blue for over 10 years and the incredible customer support has been consistent throughout."

Emma Moore
Wedding & family photographer, England

"For me, Light Blue gives me peace of mind that I can never double book myself!

It's so nice knowing I can set my own workflows and I know I'll never miss a key step in the booking, through to image delivery and beyond, for my clients. I know I am always on track at each stage of their journey with me.

Invoicing is quick and simple, I can easily track my income and expenditure and I can quickly input expenses too.

One of the most wonderful things about Light Blue though, is their excellent customer service. Nothing is too much trouble, the team are incredibly kind and they're so quick to help out if I ever have a question."

Tom Hodgson
Wedding photographer & videographer, England

"Light Blue is a great tool, it can certainly do so much more than I am actually using it for. But for what I do need from it and what I do use I can say with certainty that it absolutely nails it!

It makes organisation out of the chaos of running a busy wedding photography business.

The support is always fast and really informative too. I would say that overall the team at Light Blue Software seem to be a bunch of good eggs and I don't see any need to use any other tool!"

Emily Tyler
Wedding photographer, England

I've used Light Blue Software for my clients for 5+ years and their incredible customer service is something I'll never get over!

Light Blue makes my processes seamless with the amazing customisable workflows and automations.

I know my clients all get the best experience and I'm left with more time to focus on the creative side of the business.

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