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Bring all of your business admin together into one powerful and easy to use platform.

Work smarter

✓ Everything you need to know about all of your jobs is in one place.
✓ All of your client information and communications are linked together.
✓ Use clever templates for emails and text messages.
✓ Workflows keep you organised so that nothing gets forgotten.
✓ Email and text messages can be scheduled automatically so routine messages get sent at the right time.
✓ Never forget to send an invoice again with our automated payment reminders.

Easier to work with clients

✓ Online contract signing automatically confirms a session when your client signs, plus take a booking fee at the same time.
✓ Questionnaires and forms allow your clients to do your admin for you.
✓ Break large invoices up into manageable instalments using payment schedules.

Here to help you

✓ Light Blue can give you the big picture, which helps with making smarter decisions.
✓ Desktop and mobile apps allow you to work even when offline.
✓ Dedicated support team for easy set up and migration.

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Using quotes to forecast income in Light Blue

We know that one of the most important parts of your business admin is being able to forecast accurately. Being able to know exactly what is happening in your business at any time helps you to plan for the future.

With Light Blue, you can run various reports to check your business finances, one very useful one is the ‘Income Forecast’ report. This uses the quotes function in Light Blue so will be really handy for wedding and commercial photographers (who often use quotes when confirming a booking with a client).

To run the report select Reports > ‘Custom Reports’ > ‘Income Forecast’ to create an income forecast. This will bring up all quotes with a status of “Accepted” or “Awaiting Invoicing”.

The information from these searches and reports is displayed in the list view, where you can see all of the records that meet your given criteria. The default view shows a list of all future income due grouped by the date the quote was created.

You may want to preview your projected income from a particular type of work over a given period. In that case, you can use Light Blue’s powerful querying tools to find the information that you need

Maybe there’s a month you’re not very busy with weddings and want to run a portrait promotion to fill the shortfall for that month? Without planning you don’t know where your income gaps are.

You can use the query function to search for your expected income over a particular period. In this example we have run a query for quotes where the shoot type is “Weddings” and the start date is “In Next Calendar Year” and the status is “Accepted”. This will show us all next year’s wedding where the client had accepted a quote.

You can adjust the columns within the list view to show whatever you find useful. By going to Window > “Customise List View” and you’ll see this dialog. To view the balance due each month, simply add the “Balance Due”, “Shoot Title” and “To Invoice” fields to the “Columns” section, then make sure they are grouped by “Balance Due Month”.

By using the “To Invoice” column it takes account of the booking fee already paid so this will give you a really clear idea of your monthly wedding income forecast for next year.

How do you use the reports in Light Blue? We’d love to hear how you find Light Blue helps you to keep track of your business!