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May 2015

Frédéric Gras: teaching Light Blue in France (Tuesday 19 May 2015)
Light Blue helps photographers around the world - and if you're in France, Frédéric Gras runs training courses...  Read more

April 2015

Case study: Rob Pugh, Olympus Ambassador, wedding and portrait photographer (Wednesday 29 April 2015)
"I think Light Blue is the only software that photographers would ever need!"  Read more

March 2015

Online contract signing - now available (Thursday 26 March 2015)
Our new online contract signing service is now available!  Read more

January 2015

New: One-to-one help with Light Blue (Thursday 8 January 2015)
Need help with Light Blue? Our new one-to-one screensharing sessions are just the ticket.  Read more

October 2014

'I'm no longer scared of finances. I no longer have a hatred of admin.' (Tuesday 7 October 2014)
Jay Emme, ace wedding photographer, explains how Light Blue has helped her make sense of her admin.  Read more

September 2014

Planned Maintenance: 6am, Sunday 28 September (Saturday 20 September 2014)
We will be upgrading our database servers on Sunday 28 September.  Read more

Unleash the power of Light Blue 5.1! (Thursday 18 September 2014)
Light Blue 5.1 is a substantial update, and we’ve a lot of work into making the app more efficient and responsive.  Read more

August 2014

Light Blue and Mac OS X Yosemite - an update (Wednesday 20 August 2014)
Light Blue 5.1 b5 is compatible with Developer Preview 5 of Mac OS X Yosemite.  Read more

Light Blue featured on Photobiz Xposed podcast (Wednesday 20 August 2014)
Hamish joined Australian photographer Andrew Hellmich for an hour's chat about all things studio management - listen today!  Read more

July 2014

Light Blue and Mac OS X Yosemite (Wednesday 23 July 2014)
We strongly advise people not to install the Mac OS X Yosemite beta, owing to bugs in Apple's calendar framework.  Read more

June 2014

Light Blue - a prize for the Photography Farm's 'Image of the Year' (Friday 13 June 2014)
Here at Light Blue Software, we love supporting partners in the trade. At the end of May, we gave a copy of Light Blue as a prize at The Photography Farm's annual awards night, for their 'image of the year'.  Read more

'Light Blue releases precious space in my head' - a case study (Tuesday 3 June 2014)
We talk to Marianne Taylor, a leading London-based wedding photographer, about how she uses Light Blue to keep on top of her business.  Read more

May 2014

An important note about Google Calendar publishing (Friday 23 May 2014)
We're changing how Google Calendar publishing works, in response to changes in Google's systems. From November 2014, Light Blue v3 won't be able to access Google Calendar.  Read more

March 2014

Boost your productivity with Light Blue 5 (Wednesday 12 March 2014)
Light Blue 5, out today for Mac OS X and Windows, has some great new ways to boost your productivity, speed up your admin and connect your website's forms directly to your Light Blue account.  Read more

January 2014

An SWPP Convention debrief (Monday 20 January 2014)
We had a great time at the SWPP Convention over the weekend - great to see so many of our customers, and lots of friendly new faces, too. We just wanted to share a few things with you as a result of the show...  Read more

December 2013

A little Christmas poem from Light Blue (Tuesday 17 December 2013)
...with a bit of information about our Christmas support hours, and some exciting news about what's coming in the New Year...  Read more

September 2013

Stopping thinking helps you stop and think (or 'how a beehive helped solve a problem') (Monday 30 September 2013)
How could looking after a beehive help solve a business problem?  Read more

Light Blue webinar recordings now available (Thursday 12 September 2013)
We recorded both the webinars we made yesterday for you to download and watch at your leisure.  Read more

A loaded gun of efficiency - Rob Burress' story (Friday 6 September 2013)
Rob had seen Light Blue 3 and hadn't found it right for him, but Light Blue 4 has blown him away. Read on to find out why...  Read more

August 2013

Support unavailability: Monday 2 September 2013 (Wednesday 28 August 2013)
Light Blue director Tom is getting married, which we think is a pretty good excuse for him not doing support that day.  Read more

Light Blue, Mac OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 (Wednesday 28 August 2013)
Light Blue 4.3.1 is compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks and iOS 7; read on for more info.  Read more

Enter the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition! (Thursday 8 August 2013)
We're sponsoring the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition; it's free and you could win the trip of a lifetime!  Read more

Using Bento? Now's the time to try Light Blue... (Monday 5 August 2013)
FileMaker, Inc. is withdrawing support for Bento soon, so if you've built your own database in it, why not look at moving over to Light Blue?  Read more

July 2013

Light Blue 4.2 - a note on our update frequency (Thursday 25 July 2013)
We recently released Light Blue 4.2, which brings the public beta of Light Blue 4 to an end. Find out more about it, and why we've been releasing updates relatively frequently...  Read more

Business tips: Change one small thing, every day (Friday 19 July 2013)
Big changes are hard and can be scary, but little changes are much less daunting and take hugely less time. Hamish looks at how changing one little thing every day can add up to big improvements really quickly.  Read more

Lights, Camera, Action, with the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition (Wednesday 17 July 2013)
We're sponsoring the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition - challenging you to capture what you consider to be the essence of urban life at any time of day, anywhere in the world. It's free to enter!  Read more

Light Blue on the road in 2013 (Thursday 4 July 2013)
The trade show season's quietened down for the next few months, to let people get on with the bread and butter of summer events, but we've got some dates for your diary - do come and see us when we're near you!  Read more

June 2013

Light Blue 4.1.10 - our latest release (Friday 21 June 2013)
Find out more about Light Blue 4.1.10, how to take a trial, and what we've added and fixed.  Read more

What fun we had on the Freedom Tour! (Monday 10 June 2013)
Hamish was let out of the code mines for a week on the Folio and Friends Freedom Tour - find out how he got on!  Read more

New Light Blue iPad and iPhone apps now in the App Store (Monday 3 June 2013)
Now it's even easier to take your data on the road with you: our iPad and iPhone versions are available as a free download in the App Store from today.  Read more

April 2013

Announcing ThinkSync, a revolutionary new way of working with Light Blue (Monday 1 April 2013)
We've announced ThinkSync, which allows you to use Light Blue completely hands-free!  Read more

March 2013

A note of thanks (Friday 8 March 2013)
We had a cracking time at Focus on Imaging this year; we'd like to tell you a bit about our experience there.  Read more

February 2013

"You deserve more than just payment!" (Thursday 21 February 2013)
This morning we had a very special delivery from a customer who thinks Light Blue's worth more than the license fee we charge...  Read more

January 2013

Our blood runs Light Blue (Tuesday 15 January 2013)
In this extended blog post, we'd like to take you for a tour inside our heads and explain the thought processes behind the new Light Blue.  Read more

Light Blue is The Societies' 'Best Professional Product of the Year' (Monday 14 January 2013)
We knew Light Blue was good, but beating Canon, Nikon and Adobe was a real treat!  Read more

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