Should You Include A Price List on Your Website? A Guide to How to Decide


To share or not to share. That is the question. Deciding whether to include a full price list on your website has been a long-standing conundrum for photographers. Visit some of your fellow photographers’ websites and you’ll see some take the transparent route: they dedicate a page to detailing precise prices for specific services. Others […]

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Using Psychographics to Build Your Photography Business


Hear the word ‘psychographics’ and what immediately springs to mind? A terrifying shadow slowly creeping across a shower curtain? The crazy swirly pattern on Austin Powers’ wallpaper? Nope, this has nothing to do with movies, horror or otherwise. And everything to do with getting scarily high numbers of enquiries to your photography business. Welcome to […]

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Recycling your marketing spend by using a referral network


Ian spent some time chatting with Michelle Szpak recently for her training hub and community for photographers. Below is a little taster of the topics we covered in our chat. It’s near impossible to only market to clients on dates that you can fulfil, so how can you cut down on waste from enquiries that […]

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Nurturing large numbers of cold leads from events/expos


As a photographer, you understand the importance of using the right tool for the job; the right lens to give you the desired field of view, the right editing preset to give your image the right look, or the right flash modifier to shape your light to fall how you like.  That doesn’t stop with […]

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