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What other services can Light Blue integrate with?

Here’s a list of third-party apps and services that Light Blue has integrations with.

Calendar apps


Use Zapier to connect Light Blue to thousands of apps and services, including:

Online payments

The following payment services can be used to take payment for online invoices, scheduling calendars, and contract signing booking fees:

In-person sales

Online galleries and sales systems


Linking your Zoom account to Light Blue makes creating online meetings with your clients even more convenient. You’ll be able to:

  • Create online scheduling calendars that automatically create Zoom meetings. e.g. for an initial consultation with a client, you could ask them to pick a convenient date & time for their appointment and Light Blue will automatically create a Zoom meeting for it.
  • Create Zoom meetings for appointments via the Light Blue desktop app.


We offer an API which will allow you to send data directly to your Light Blue account. The easiest way of using our API is via Zapier, but you can also:

Other macOS services

Exporting from Light Blue

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