🎥 Publishing to the Mac Contacts app

This is great for getting contact information into the Contacts app on your iPhone, so you can have caller ID when your clients are calling you – it all happens seamlessly in the background. 

We’ve made this really easy, so all you need to do is to turn publishing on is to go to Preferences, then into the “Integrations” section, click on the “macOS” tag, and check the “Publish to contacts” box. In the Contacts application, there’s a new group called “Light Blue”, and the contacts have been added to it. 

Note that this publication is one-way only, so Light Blue remains the canonical source for your information. Any changes you make in the Contacts application won’t be pulled back into Light Blue. Additionally, when you delete a contact in Light Blue, the contact’s simply moved out of the Light Blue group in the Contacts application. 

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