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Light Blue mobile app: installation and overview

The Light Blue mobile app is designed as a simplified companion to the desktop version of Light Blue and is available as a free download from Apple’s App Store (for iPhone and iPad) and the Google Play Store (for Android).


You’ll need to be using iOS 11 or later, or Android 13 or later. Each mobile device you install the Light Blue app on will count towards the number of devices used in your subscription

The app can be used without an internet connection but to ensure all your devices are synced you will of course need to be connected at some point!

Once you’ve downloaded the app and launched it for the first time you’ll be asked to sign into your account; the app will then automatically download your data from your account. NB. If it’s someone else installing the app on their device and you don’t want to give them your main account password create a one-time password for them which they can use during sign-in using the “Use One-Time Password” option. 👉 This help article explains how to create a one-time password.

Finding your way around the mobile app

Adding new Records

At the top of the Home Screen there are different buttons to add a new Shoot, Contact or other Record; simply tap on the appropriate button.

Viewing records

The bulk of the Home Screen is made up of links which take you to each of the main sections that you’ll be familiar with from the desktop app.
When you go Into each section you’ll be presented with a list view of the Records for that particular section.
You can find a particular Record by clicking on the search box at the top. Different filter options will also then be displayed that you can use to narrow down the selection of Records being displayed. The screenshot below shows a list of Confirmed Shoot Records.

To view the details of an individual Record simply tap on it.
All the information that’s available in the desktop app is now organised into tabs making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Editing data

To edit a field, simply tap on it and make the changes needed; they are then automatically synced back to your account when you’re connected to the Internet.

Linking Records

In some parts of the app, when you’re in the detailed view of the Record, you can link other Records to it.

Unlinking Records

If you need to unlink a Record simply swipe left to reveal the red “Unlink” button.


The Settings button is at the top right of the Home Screen. You shouldn’t need to access this very often, but if you need to manually trigger a sync you can do that here.

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Setting up Light Blue on a new computer

👉 This help article outlines the steps to set up Light Blue on a new computer.

Removing a computer or mobile device from your Light Blue subscription

👉 This help article outlines the steps to remove a device from your subscription.

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