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🎥 Light Blue mobile app: Publishing invoices for online payment

Our mobile app allows you publish invoices for payment online, so you can invoice clients when you’re out and about.

First of all, you need to have your client portal set up, including linking either a Stripe or Square account for accepting payment by card, or a PayPal account. You’ll find a separate tutorial that covers setting up the client portal on our website.

To create an invoice and send it to my client for payment online, first I need to add a sale record. The easiest way to do this is via the shoot that I want to raise an invoice for, so I find the shoot… Add a new linked record… And then select ‘Add New Sale’…

Light Blue will create a new Sale record for you, and automatically link it to the shoot and its main contact.

Next, you need to add some items to the sale, just like you would in the desktop version of Light Blue. To do that, go to the Items tab… tap the ‘Add Item’ button… and either type in a name and price for what you’re invoicing, or use the ‘Select product’ button to pick an item from the price lists that you’ve set up in the desktop app. [go back to the Items tab]

You’ve got access to all of the same invoicing features that you have in the desktop version of Light Blue, including setting up discounts. I’m going to keep it simple now though, and go straight on to invoicing this sale. To do that, go back to the ‘Details’ tab… and tap the ‘Create Invoice’ button… You’ve got the option of publishing the invoice to your client portal and sending an email to your client that will include a link they can use to view the invoice an pay it online, or you can publish the invoice and open it up right there on your iPhone or iPad.

Once a client has paid an invoice online, you’ll receive an email from us and the payment will appear in the Inbox… from there, you can accept the payment, and the app will mark the invoice as paid for you and create a Purchase record for any processing fee that Stripe or PayPal have charged you.

If you’ve received payment by any other means, and want to mark an invoice as paid in the app rather than using the desktop version of Light Blue, you can do that by finding the sale you want to pay off… scrolling to the bottom of the ‘Details’ tab… and tapping the ‘Add Payment’ button.

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