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🎥 Light Blue mobile app: using the Calendar, Task Manager and Workflows

Our mobile app includes a helpful built-in calendar that you can use to check your availability when you’re out and about, and a task manager that allows you to manage your to-do list or set yourself reminders whenever inspiration strikes.

Our mobile app includes a calendar view that you can use to look up what’s happening on any particular day, or search through your diary to find an available slot to book a client in.

You can access the calendar via the Home screen. When you open it, you’ll see that it features a month view, where each event that you’ve entered into Light Blue is represented by a colour-coded dot. This allows you to easily see when you’re busy, and all of the colour-coding that you’ve set up for your shoot and appointment types are brought over from the desktop app.

Tapping on a date in the calendar lists all of that day’s events. You can tap on an event from the list to view or edit it.

You can also add events directly to the calendar. Just select the date you want to add an event to, then tap the plus button and select the type of event you want to add.

Navigating the calendar is easily done, either by tapping the arrow buttons at the top… or by swiping on the calendar itself.

You can use the toolbar to quickly come back to today… or jump to a specific date… You can also do that by tapping on the month heading to jump back to today, or tapping and holding it to go to a specific date… If you prefer that to using the toolbar, you can turn the toolbar off by going into the calendar settings.

The calendar settings also include all of the same filtering options that appear in the desktop version of Light Blue, allowing you to filter the calendar by event type or resource.

I’ve shown you how you can get to the calendar from the Home screen, but you can also get to it from other parts of the app. For example, if go to a shoot… and want to see what else is happening on the same day, just tap into the session that you’re interested in… and tap the ‘View Session in Calendar” button.

We’ve also brought the task manager over from the desktop app, to help you to keep on top of your to-do list when you’re out and about, or add reminders for yourself as soon as you come up with an idea.

The task manager brings the colour-coding of your task categories over from the desktop app, so you can quickly see what kind of tasks you’re looking at.

To check off a task from your list, tap its checkbox. If you want to view the task in more detail or edit it, tap on the task’s description.

You can add new tasks by pressing the + button in the task manager, and you can even use the workflows that you’ve set up in the desktop app to add whole batches of tasks. To add a workflow, first go to the record that you want to add it to… then go to its Activity tab… tap the “Add Item” button… “Add Workflow”… select the workflow that you want to add… and tell the app which date you want to base it on. Usually, if you’re adding a workflow to a shoot, you’ll want to base it on the shoot date.

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