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🎥 Light Blue’s built-in Calendar

Light Blue’s built-in Calendar gives you an overview of all your Light Blue events, namely, Shoots, Appointments, Time Off and Calendar Notes. Conveniently you can also add new events or amend any existing event in the Calendar view.

To learn more about how the Calendar works watch the video below; though if you prefer to learn by words and pictures, have a read of the help article instead!

Calendar timeframes

At the top of the Calendar you can choose the timeframe to view; either daily, weekly, monthly or annually depending on your preferences. The daily and weekly views also show the current time. The annual view can be useful for getting an overview of your busier, and quieter, periods so you can easily decide when it would be good to plan training or in fact book a much-needed holiday!

Calendar navigation

Moving around the Calendar in any of the different timeframe views is very easy. You can jump to ‘Today’s’ date, move forwards or backwards or ‘Go to Date’.

Calendar options

When you click on the cog, various options are available; you can filter by Resources, Shoot or Appointment Type, only show certain events and change some of the information shown.

Calendar keys

Each event shown in your Calendar is colour-coded making it easy to see at a glance what you’ve got on each day, week or month. If needed, you can easily change the colours of your different Shoot and Appointment Types in Preferences, though the colours of Time Off and Calendar Note events are automatically set to dark and light grey respectively. Confirmed events have a solid line down the left-hand side and unconfirmed ones show a barber-pole stripe instead. 

Adding events

It’s very straightforward to add events in the Calendar, and in any timeframe view; simply double/right-click on the relevant date/time and choose which type of event you want to add.

👉 This article gives a detailed explanation about adding a Shoot or a Session to an existing Shoot.
👉 This one explains how to add Appointments.
👉 And this one explains how to use the Time Off event. NB. The Calendar Note event is very similar to Time Off but as it will not block the Resource/s availability it can be useful for adding reminders to your Calendar.

Changing events

With the relevant event selected, simply drag it to the new date and time.

Displaying personal appointments

If you’re on a Mac, you can also display any of your calendars from the Apple calendar app within Light Blue’s Calendar; this is one of the options available in the cog. NB. This is for display purposes only and will not show an event clash if you then add a Light Blue event at the same time.
👉 If you want to display Light Blue Shoots and Appointments in your personal online calendar follow the steps in this article.

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