🎥 The built-in calendar

The built-in calendar lets you see all the events within Light Blue. Each event is colour coded, so you  know the type of event it is. Unconfirmed enquiries have a barber-pole stripe down the left-hand side, and confirmed enquiries are solid. 

For each event, you can drag it around within the calendar, so if you want to move it to a new date or time, just pick it up and drag it. 

To add a new event, just double-click on the relevant date. A new enquiry will be added with a new session on the date in question.

We’ve also got day and week views, which let you see the information split out by time, as well, and all I said before about dragging and double-clicking applies to these views as well.  If you’re viewing today in the day view, or the week which contains today on the week view, there’s also an indicator of the current time. 

There’s also a Year view in there, which shows a heat map of your events within Light Blue. It’ll help you see your busy times, and work out if there’s any space for that much-needed holiday. 

If you’re on a Mac, then you can also view your Mac’s calendars within Light Blue. This is great for people who need to plan their business around their life but don’t want to put their personal appointments in Light Blue. To filter the Mac calendars, just click the Mac Calendars button, then select the calendars you want to show.  

To help you manage your time better, you can keep track of your time off. This is how you can record when you’re out of the office, or if any of your equipment or rooms are out of action. To do that, just double click on the calendar, and choose Add Time Off. You can then choose the resource in question, and the date and time that they’re out for. 

In the clashing logic on shoots and appointments, we treat Time Off as a confirmed shoot, so any sessions or appointments which clash with time off will appear in Light Blue in red. 

You can also add notes to the calendar. These work in a similar way to time off, but don’t clash with anything. That’s really useful if you want to note down that you’re working out of the office on a particular day, or want to note that you’ve got a courier coming, and so on.

Light Blue also makes it really easy to give your customers options for when they want to come in for a session. I’ve got an enquiry here, but I want to give them a choice between this one already entered and another date. If I double click on the second date, there’s an option to add a session to an existing shoot. I can then search for it and add it. You’ll see now that I’ve got two sessions listed for this enquiry, and there’s an indicator here to show that. 

Note that I’m not intending this person to come in twice – it’s simply to give them a choice between two dates. 

When they’ve decided, you can easily confirm just one of them; select it and click set status to confirmed. Light Blue will then ask if you want to delete the other session. 

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