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🎥 Light Blue mobile app: publishing Contracts and Forms

Being able to publish contracts and forms from our mobile app means that you can confirm bookings with clients from your iOS device or Android phone, even getting them to sign a contract right there in front of you in a meeting.

Being able to use these features when you’re out and about is very handy, because it allows you to confirm a booking as quickly as possible once a client has told you that they want to go ahead and book you. You could even use this feature in a meeting, setting up a contract in the app and then handing your iPad over to your client for them to read it and sign there and then.

These features use the contract and form templates that you’ve set up in the desktop version of Light Blue. If you’d like to find out more about setting those templates up, we’ve got separate tutorials that cover that.

To add a contract or form, first find the shoot that you want to add it to…

Next, go to the Activity panel… and tap the ‘Add Item’ button. I’m going to add a contract… Finally, pick one of the templates that you set up in the desktop app.

Once you’ve added the contract, you can set various options, including selecting which of the shoot’s contacts are going to be signing it, whether you want to include a form as part of the contract, and whether you want to charge a booking fee. Once you’re happy with these options, tap the ‘Publish Contract’ button. Publishing a contract or form requires an internet connection.

When you publish a contract from the app, you can either have us send your client an email, just as you would from the desktop version of Light Blue, or you can open up the contract on your iPhone or iPad. That would allow you to then hand over your iPad to your client so that they can read it and sign it straight away.

Our mobile app also includes an Inbox, so when a client has submitted a contract or form you can process it without having to go back into the office. Here, I’ve got a contract that someone has already signed, and they’ve paid their booking fee online. I can tap to view the contract… then tap the ‘Accept Contract’ button. The app will mark the contract’s linked shoot as confirmed, and also offer to automatically create an invoice for the booking fee for you.

Forms that clients have filled in will also appear in the Inbox, and you can use it to update existing shoots, or to create new enquiries. Here’s someone who’s filled in my website’s contact form. I can tap to view it… and then tap ‘Import as a New Record’ to create a new enquiry, without having to re-type any of that information.

Now I’ve got that new enquiry in the app, I could use one of my email or text message templates to send a quick reply to the client. We’ll cover that in a separate tutorial.

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