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This tutorial shows you how to set up a contract template in Light Blue, so you can send contracts to your clients.

To do this, you need to go to the Contract Templates panel of the Preferences pane.

We don’t provide any sample contract templates with Light Blue, but you can import contracts into Light Blue in a couple of different ways or creating your own. Various professional photography associations make sample templates available to their members, and there are some sample templates online as well. However, only you can know if they’re right for you, so if you’re in any doubt then talk to a lawyer.

If you’ve got a template that’s been made specifically for Light Blue, you can import it very simply. Go to the Records menu… then into the Import section… and select the “Contract Template” option.

Another way of getting an existing contract into Light Blue is to copy and paste it. To do that, create a new template by clicking the “Add record” button… give it a name… and then copy and paste the text of the contract into Light Blue.

You can format the text of your contract by adding headings… and you can also make the text bold or italic.

You can also include checkboxes that ask your client to agree to specific terms in your contract. You can add a checkbox by first clicking where you want the checkbox to go… and then clicking the “insert checkbox” button. You can make checkboxes optional or required, and if you use any required checkboxes then your client will have to agree to them before they’re able to sign the contract. Once you’ve add a checkbox, you can type the text of its label.

If you’d like to include a booking form that asks your clients for more details about themselves and the shoot, you can choose any of the form templates you’ve set up in Light Blue.

While you’re setting up your contract template, you can customise the text of the emails that will be sent out at various stages of the booking process. You’ll find templates for the email that’s sent out when you publish the contract… the email that’s sent when your client signs the contract… the email that’s sent out if your client pays your booking fee or session fee online… and an optional reminder email that can be sent out if your client takes a while to sign it. If you want Light Blue to send out reminders for you, you can choose to send out a contract a certain number of days after the contract has been published by checking this box… and a certain number of days before the contract expires by checking this box.

The advanced options section allows you to customise your contracts even further. You can choose how long the contract is available for, which helps to avoid a client who doesn’t sign a contract promptly from signing it months down the line and put you at risk of double-booking a date. You can also choose whether you want your clients to draw their signature as well as type their name to sign the contract… whether to include the booking form in the PDF that’s sent to your clients… and which booking fee option you want to use for this type of contract.

If you’d like to find out more about contracts and forms, please take a look at our video tutorials about the contract signing process and setting up forms.

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