🎥 An in-depth look at contract signing

This article expands on the contract signing overview to explore the more advanced options that are available to you.

You can keep Light Blue’s online contract signing service as simple as that, but there are some optional extra that you can use if you find them useful. These include:

  • A booking form that allows you to ask your clients for more information.
  • Offering your clients a selection of different quotes for the job.
  • Checkboxes that allow you to ask your client to agree to specific terms in your contract.
  • Charging your client a booking fee or session fee that they can pay online to complete their booking.

Booking forms

First, let’s add a form. Including a form in a contract allows you to ask your clients for more information, such as their contact details and other information that you need to do a great job for them. There’s a separate article that covers setting up form templates, and once you’ve set some up then all you need to do is choose which form you want to include in the contract.


You can also include checkboxes in your contract. These can be used to ask your clients to agree to specific terms in your contract, and you can choose to make them optional or required. If you include any required checkboxes, your client won’t be able to submit the signed contract until they’ve ticked them. We’ll show you how to add checkboxes in the tutorial on setting up contract templates.


Next, you can choose to include a selection of quotes that your client can choose from. You do that on the Quotes tab of the contract dialog, and you can pick from any of the quotes that you’ve added to the shoot.

Booking fee / session fee

Down the bottom you’ve got some options for what you’d like them to pay as part of the booking process. You can choose that they pay nothing at this point, or that they pay the booking fee from the selected quote, or the whole amount of the quote. An alternative is to charge a different booking fee entirely. We’ll make it so they have to pay the booking fee from the selected quote. Now, you’re going to hit Publish, and just like before that’ll send an email to your customer asking them to sign the contract.

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