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Light Blue’s online contract signing service saves time for both you and your clients by speeding up the booking process. 

Sending a contract for a shoot is really simple. Just go to the Shoot, then the Activity panel, add a contract template, and choose a contract template which was set up earlier. 

Pick who you want to sign it from the shoot’s list of linked contacts, and then publish the contract. That’ll send your client an email with a link to our online contract signing service. Let’s look at what your client sees…

Here’s the email, and your client can just click on the link. Here we’ve got our contract signing website, which you can customise to fit in with your business’s branding. Your clients can review the contract and read it all, then sign it online. 

Once they’ve signed, they submit the signed contract to you, and when they do that, we’ll send them over a PDF of the contract, along with their signature on it. 

Back in Light Blue, in the Inbox, you can see that your client has submitted the signed contract, and it’s appeared in the Inbox. You can click on it and accept it. And that’s it! 

You can keep Light Blue’s online contract signing service as simple as that, but there are some optional extra that you can use if you find them useful. These include a booking form that allows you to ask your clients for more information, offering your clients a selection of different quotes for the job, checkboxes that allow you to ask your client to agree to specific terms in your contract, and the ability to charge your client a booking fee or session fee that they can pay online to complete their booking. All of these options are covered in our more detailed tutorial.

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