🎥 Creating a quote

There are two main reasons why you might want to create a quote:

  • Because you want to provide a formal quotation for your client, or because you want to give them a choice between two or more different quotes. Light Blue lets you make several quotes for each job, giving your clients options for the services you supply. 
  • If a client has booked you for a job that’s happening several weeks or months away and has decided what they want (e.g. a wedding couple that have chosen a package at the point of booking). It gives you a convenient way of recording their choices and creating an invoice from it at a later date.

You do not need to make a quote if you just want to invoice a client for something straight away: you can go straight to creating a sale and invoicing it.

Creating a quote

The quickest way to make a new quote for a shoot is from the shoot:

  1. Go to the “Linked Records” panel and click the + button.
  2. Select the “New Quote” option.
  3. A new quote is created for you, and it’s automatically linked to the shoot that you created it from. The shoot’s primary contact’s details are automatically filled in. 

Adding items

You need to add some items to your quote to specify what you are charging your client for. To do that:

  1. Go to the “Items” panel on the sale.
  2. Click the + button to add an item.
  3. Enter the details of what you’re selling. If you’ve set up a price list then you can select items from your price list, but if you don’t want to use a price list then you can type in the item’s name and price.

Next steps

You can use the “Print/Send” button in the toolbar to print a quote, save it as a PDF, or email it to your client as a PDF.

You can split a quote into separate invoices for a booking fee and balance.

This article shows you how to create an invoice from a quote.

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