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Adding a booking fee to a quote

A booking fee (sometimes referred to as a retainer or deposit) is an amount of money that’s due to be paid immediately to secure your services. Booking fees can be added to quotes to indicate that an amount will be due at the point of confirming the booking, with the remaining balance due later.

Quotes can be split into separate invoices for the booking fee and the balance. This is especially useful if you want to have separate tax points for the booking fee and balance. 

Booking fees can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the quote. You can click the “Add Booking Fee” button to apply a booking fee to a quote, or the “Edit” button next to the booking fee description if you want to make any changes to one that you’ve already created.

You can set up a default booking fee for each of your price lists, and when you raise a quote from a shoot Light Blue automatically fill in any booking fee you’ve set up for the price list you’ve chosen for that shoot.

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