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🎥 Light Blue mobile app: contacting clients from it

Our mobile app includes various different ways of contacting your clients directly from your iOS device or Android phone, including placing calls, sending text messages, and sending emails.

Wherever you see clients’ contact details in the app, you can use those details to contact them. For example, I can find a client in the Contacts section… and tap on their email address or phone number to contact them.

I can also use my clients’ contact details from any shoot that they’re linked to. I go to a shoot… go to its Links tab… At this point, I could tap on the linked client to view it and use their contact details from within there… but I can save time by swiping left on the client instead. That will show me buttons that I can tap to use their email address or phone number.

If I tap the ‘Email’ button, Light Blue offers me a choice of creating a blank email, or using one of the email templates that I’ve set up in the desktop version of Light Blue. Whichever option I choose, the Light Blue app will create an email that will be sent via Apple’s Mail app, so it can use any of the email accounts that you’ve set up on your iPhone or iPad.

Tapping “Call or Message” button brings up some more options. If I’m using an iPhone or Android phone then I can place a call to my client, and can also use their phone number to send them a message via your default text messaging app. Finally, I can also use Light Blue’s own text messaging service to send a text to my client. You can find a separate tutorial that covers setting up our text messaging service on our website. 

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