🎥 Sending text messages

Text messages are great for reminding your customers about an upcoming session or appointment, or sending a quick message right from within Light Blue, such as telling them that their order is ready for collection. The first time you send a text message you’ll go through a short setup step to set the name or number from which you want the messages to be sent. We offer various bundles of text message credits, from 7p per message.

To send a single text message to someone, go to a Shoot record for someone who’s got a mobile number, select them, right-click, and then send a text message here, just typing in what you want to say. 

Using Text Message Templates

It’s faster, though, to use text message templates. You can set up these templates on the Preferences pane of Light Blue. You can also include mail merge tags to show information about the person it’s going to, or the event you’re reminding them about. You send these in the same place, go to a Shoot record and send a new text message to that contact, instead using to use a template – it’s much faster. 

Sending Text Messages in Bulk

A great use of text messages is to remind customers that they’ve got a session or appointment with you. Sending lots of messages singly would be boring, so we’ve got a way of sending reminders in bulk. Go to the File menu, then Send Text Messages, Upcoming Events, choose your settings. For example, to send messages for upcoming events in the next seven days, starting from tomorrow. The messages are then created, and you can review them and check the number or credits being used before you send them. 

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