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Creating one-time passwords

To help keep your Light Blue account secure, one-time passwords are designed to allow others to set up and install Light Blue on their computer or mobile device without them having to know your main account password.

You can create one-time passwords by logging into your online account through the “My Account” tab you see top right on our website and heading to the “Manage my devices” section. 👉 Follow this link to take you to the login page and then directly to the “Manage my devices” section.

Click the “Create new one-time password” button. Your one-time password is then displayed. NB. Only create this when you know your new team member is ready to install Light Blue as the one-time password is only valid for 24 hours from creation.

👉 Head over to this article for instructions on how to use a one-time password to set up Light Blue on a new computer.

👉 And read this one for instructions for using it to install the Light Blue iOS app on a new mobile device.

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