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Removing a device from your Light Blue subscription

Every Light Blue feature is available to all of our subscribers however your subscription price will vary depending on the number of devices (desktop or mobile) that you want to use Light Blue on.

Once you reach the number included in your chosen subscription, if you try to install Light Blue on another device you’ll get a warning advising that you can’t add the device to your account as you’ve already used up your allowance.

There are a couple of options to fix this, allowing you to install Light Blue on the new device.

1. Remove an existing device

NB. In some rare cases (such as restoring your Light Blue data from a backup after a disk failure, or deleting and then reinstalling our iOS app) it’s possible that Light Blue fails to launch on a device that already appears to be linked to your account. If this happens, log into your account and remove the ‘old’ version of that device.

2. Upgrade your subscription

  • Click “Upgrade/Downgrade Options”.
  • Choose your new subscription.

Setting up Light Blue on a new computer

👉 This help article outlines the steps to set up Light Blue on a new computer.

Installing Light Blue on a mobile device

👉 This help article outlines the steps to install Light Blue iOS app on a mobile device.

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