Questionnaire Tools for Photographers – 5 Online Form and Survey Tools Compared

As a successful photographer, your busy brain has a lot to juggle. Names, dates, times, locations, style preferences – all the minutiae required to deliver exceptional service.

And with new clients regularly coming on board, you constantly need to update that information with details of the next shoot and the next… 

With so much data to digest, harnessing the power of questionnaire tools for photographers will make the process stress-free and streamlined.

Here we explore a range of online form tools you can use to gather intel from your photography questionnaires. An easy, integrated way to supercharge your systems.

Why use a photography questionnaire?

Using forms and questionnaires is the simplest method of getting important details from your clients. You can get the basics from an initial contact form, the nitty gritty from a follow-up questionnaire and the low-down from a feedback survey.

Find out more here about why your business will benefit from introducing them.

Why use an online form tool?

You may already be convinced of the joy of the questionnaire but are still sending out Word documents or PDFs for clients to complete.

There is a better way.

Online form tools will provide exactly the same information but more quickly and in a more useful format. Embrace the tech and you can forget about sticking stamps on envelopes and keeping your fingers crossed clients will fill in a paper form and find a post-box.

Instead, you can issue photography questionnaires online, allowing clients to swiftly and conveniently add in their info. And with one click, all that juicy detail will be back with you. If you’re using dedicated photography software, you’ll also see it slot seamlessly into your digital records.

“I love how I can collect information really easily. Having a wedding questionnaire and booking form go straight to a client online makes it a breeze. For both them and me. I’ve had clients comment how easy my booking process was.”Chris Thornton, wedding, family and commercial photographer

What’s the best survey software for photographers?

There are plenty of options out there to streamline your information-gathering process. We’ve taken a look at several online form tools to help you decide which one will best suit your business’ unique needs.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a powerful form tool with a wide variety of field options and plenty of scope for visual customisation. It’s ideal for contact forms and follow-up surveys. Plus it integrates smoothly with other systems, including Zapier and Light Blue.

As a best-in-class WordPress plug-in, it’s only available if your site runs on the platform. And if you want to use it for questionnaires (i.e. to gather additional information about an existing client or job), pre-populating forms with data you already have takes a bit of work and know-how.

Light Blue

Light Blue directly integrates a questionnaire tool for photographers as part of your specialist CRM at no extra cost. All the acquired information automatically updates in the place you need it without any additional setup or work.

Questionnaires are also automatically populated with known information, making it easier for your client to fill out and update their details.

If you want to add a contact form to your website, these are quick and easy to install. You’ll also enjoy no limits on submissions, the number of forms or brands that can be used. This is especially helpful if you run different arms of your business under different brands.

Google Forms

Available free as part of the Google suite of software, Google Forms is a straightforward option if you just want basic forms. It integrates well with tools like Zapier, allowing data to be passed on to third-party systems like your photography business admin software.

You’ll have limited style options here but if you want a simple system, it could be the one for you.


Visually very clean and stylish, Typeform is best suited to surveys and questionnaires rather than contact forms.

With an intuitive way of guiding respondents from question to question, it’s useful if you’re sending high numbers of surveys and questionnaires but otherwise not the most cost-effective choice.


As the name suggests, SurveyMonkey is specifically designed for surveys rather than forms. It’s therefore optimised for getting feedback from a large group of people.

If you want to use it for customer satisfaction surveys or market research questionnaires, the free tier will limit your field and customisation options. Paid-for plans overcome this and also allow integration with systems such as Zapier.

What to consider when choosing a questionnaire tool for photographers

For most photography businesses, especially wedding and portrait specialists, using an online form tool rather than a survey tool is the best route to take. They have a wider range of functionality at a more affordable price point than survey software for photographers.

Look for a tool that will update information to where you need it. This will save time and limit potential errors as you won’t need to copy and reformat those details.

And consider using the tools built into your photography business admin software for the easiest setup and integration.

With Light Blue, for example, you’ll have access to easy to set up forms which are quick to install in your website as contact forms. Questionnaires will automatically populate with known information like your client’s name and contact info, making it quicker for them to complete and update details.

And all details will get updated exactly where they need to be, saving you time searching later.

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