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Portrait Workflow Course – Overview & Module 1: Downloading and installing the templates

This course will help you to automate tasks and messages related to a portrait session.

Designed to be taken at your own pace, there are eight bite-sized modules to go through, and we’ve included several templates to shortcut that process even further for you!

And depending on how you prefer to learn new things either watch the videos or head to the steps below the video in each module!

Imagine a business where your clients are nurtured before their session, you build trust, you’re able to gently sell your products in advance and your clients’ expectations are managed the whole way through. And this all happens automatically with just a few clicks of our mouse.

Sound good?

Well with a small investment of your time to get things set up correctly this is all possible within Light Blue.

And this course is designed to help you do just that by getting you up and running and automating all the tasks and messages related to a portrait session.

So let’s kick off with Module 1 where we’ll install the workflow templates and manually add them to a shoot record.

Downloading and installing the templates

  • 🗄 Download our templates workflow templates here.
  • To install them, click on “Records” in the main menu bar.
  • Then “Import” and “Light Blue Template(s)” from the drop-down menus.
  • Highlight all the files you’ve downloaded.
  • Click “Open”, followed by “OK” when you see the successfully imported message.
  • All the imported workflows can now be seen in “Workflows” in the “Business Setup” category in the Preference pane.

Manually adding a workflow to an existing shoot

  • It’s very straightforward to now add any of these workflows to a shoot record.
  • Simply click on the “Add Workflow” button beside the shoot date.
  • Choose the appropriate workflow and click “Add”; in this case, the “Shoot Date” workflow.
  • All the tasks in that workflow now automatically appear in the Activity panel.

Automatically add the right workflow at the right time

In Module 2 we’re going to look at the different workflows included in the templates and how we can get Light Blue to automatically add the right workflow at the right time to your shoots and appointments.
👉 When you’re ready, here’s the link to Module 2.
👉 If you need a refresher on workflows and what they’re all about, head over to this help article.

And if you want to skip ahead to other modules in the course here are the links for each of them:
Module 3: Shoot Date Workflow
Module 4: Confirmation Workflow
Module 5: Enquiry Workflow
Module 6: Viewing Session Workflows
Module 7: Production Collection Workflows
Module 8: How the Workflows actually work
Module 9: Adapting for other Shoot Types

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