Online contract signing

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Speed up the booking process and make it really easy for your customers to confirm their shoots with this great new addition to our online services!

Admin without the hassle

When a client decides to book a shoot, you want to make sure that confirming their booking is as simple as possible. It needs to be really easy for your client to sign your contract and pay a booking fee, so they don’t hold up your business by taking ages to email or post things back to you. And, of course, you don’t want to spend more time than you have to on boring admin tasks! Our new online contract signing service makes the whole process of confirming a booking really simple.

Step 1: Add a contract to a shoot

You’ve got full control over all the wording, and can either set up your own templates or import contracts provided by professional photography associations.

Step 2: Publish your contract to your client portal

At the same time, your client receives an email telling them there’s a contract for them to sign, and they can just click on a link to open it.

Step 3: Your clients electronically sign the contract

You can optionally let them choose from a selection of quotes, too.

Step 4 (optional): Your clients pay your booking fee

They can pay by card or PayPal – or you can just ask them to send you money by bank transfer or cheque.

All part of our fantastic online services

Our great new online contract signing features are included in a subscription to our online services, which starts at just £7.50 + VAT per month. As well as contract signing, the online services mean you can hook up your web contact forms to Light Blue, sync data between devices (Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad) and get all the updates we release in future for free!

Video tutorials

It wouldn’t be a new feature without video tutorials! Here are three which will help you.

Setting up the client portal
All about contract templates
An overview of the process, from creating a contract through to signing it and accepting it