🎥 Sending emails to your Light Blue account

You can send emails to your Light Blue account so that you can keep a copy of all of your correspondence with your clients together in one place.

Your unique email address

Light Blue accounts are given a special email address, and any email that’s sent to that address will automatically get added to Light Blue’s Inbox. You can find this unique email address by going to the “Email” section of the Preferences window, and there’s a handy button in there that allows you to copy it so that you can paste it into another app.

You can customise your Light Blue email address to make it clear that it belongs to you. Read this knowledgebase article to find out how to do that!

Forwarding an email to Light Blue

You can use this email address to import an email that you’ve received from a client into Light Blue. All you need to do is go to your email app or webmail and forward the message to your unique email address. As soon as your copy of Light Blue has synced with your account, it will appear in the Inbox.

If the sender’s email address matches an existing contact in Light Blue, it will be automatically linked to that contact. You can link incoming emails to contacts and shoots in Light Blue yourself using the ‘Link to existing record’ button, or you can use it to create a new enquiry.

Forwarding an email to Light Blue with Airmail for macOS

Airmail is an email app available for macOS. If you use Airmail and want to use it to forward emails to your Light Blue account, you need to enable it’s “Extended Headers” option to make it include the information that Light Blue needs to extract the correct part of the email and match it to information in your account.

To do this, simply enable the “Extended Headers” option in Airmail’s preferences window before forwarding a message to your Light Blue account.

Unique addresses for each record

As well as providing you with a unique email address that you can forward any email to, we also give you a unique email address for each the records in Light Blue’s main sections. This allows you to link an email directly to a particular shoot, for example, by forwarding it to that shoot’s unique email address. To get a record’s unique email address, go to its “Activity” panel, then go into the options menu and copy its email address. Any emails sent to this address will get linked to this record automatically.

Replies to emails sent from Light Blue

When you send emails from a record in Light Blue, they will include that record’s unique email address so that any replies that your client sends will get sent to both your normal email address and your Light Blue account. That’s really handy, because it means that your client’s replies will appear in their “Activity” panel without you needing to forward them on to your Light Blue account.

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