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Resources: restricting access in Light Blue for different staff members

If you’re running a photography business with multiple staff members it’s likely that you won’t all be doing the same thing; some may only work on post-production, others could be managing the finances, there may be front-of-house or reception staff and yes there’ll be those taking the photos themselves!

Everyone will have their own Light Blue login so they know what they need to be doing on a day-to-day basis however they don’t necessarily need to see all the information that Light Blue contains to enable them to do their work. And indeed you may not want them to see all that information!

If that’s the case, you can restrict your staff members’ access so they only see the information they need and that you want them to see. You might also choose to only allow certain members of staff the ability to add or change things within Light Blue.

Before we cover how to restrict staff members’ access you need to have all your staff set up in Light Blue with individual passwords.

👉 If you’ve not yet set up all your staff members this article explains how to add them to your Light Blue account.
👉 And if you’re not sure how to create staff passwords this article explains how to do so.

Setting the access level

There are three access levels in Light Blue:

  1. Full: As the Light Blue account holder you automatically have this and if appropriate you can allow other staff members can have the same.
  2. Normal: Identical to Full access but without the ability to make any changes to the “Resources” section in Preferences.
  3. Restricted: Where you can choose what the user can see and do within Light Blue.

Setting the privileges

If a staff member has restricted access, the “Set Privileges” is clickable.

Click the “Set Privileges” button and a range of access options appear in the pop-up window; simply check the option/s that you wish the staff member to have access to.

You might give someone managing the finances full access, other than to Preferences.

Front-of-house staff may need to see and add Contact and Shoot Records.

And the post-production team may only need to see Shoot Records.

Once you’ve set the privileges, if a staff member tries to access a section not permitted a pop-up warning will appear.

What Full vs Restricted Access looks like in Light Blue

Here’s how the General Overview Home Screen would look for someone with full access:

And for someone with restricted access to only Shoot and Contact Records, ie not Financial Records, you can see the financial information and chart at the bottom are no longer visible.

Then if we look at an actual Shoot Record, the person with full access can see the Sales and Payment Records linked to the Shoot.

Whereas the person with restricted access can’t.

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