How to set up staff, equipment & room resources

This tutorial is going to show you how to set up staff, equipment and room resources within Light Blue. 

By assigning resources to shoots, you can not only keep tabs on who’s doing the shoot and what equipment and room they’re using, but also check that the details don’t clash. This is because Light Blue not only takes times into account when displaying clashing sessions and appointments, but also all the resources linked to a shoot. So, two sessions at the same time but with different staff, rooms or equipment won’t clash, but if they share any resource, then the clash will be shown. 

To add resources, go to the Resources panel of the Preferences pane. There you can add staff, rooms or resources. Having a look at each of these types, you’ll be able to see the different things you can enter. For staff, you can add the name and contact details; for rooms, the name and notes, and the same for equipment. 

Once you’ve set up your resources, you can add them by going to a Shoot record. In the Linked Records panel, click the plus button, then click ‘Existing resource’, and choose what you want. You can link several resources in one go.

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