🎥 Adding password protection to Light Blue

Your Light Blue account on our website is already protected by a username and password, but some photographers like to add some extra security to our desktop app by requiring users to log in when they launch it. 

You can set up different passwords for each member of staff in your business, meaning everyone can have their own unique login. Simply add your staff members, and their passwords, in the Resources section of Preferences.

You can then check the “Show User Login Dialog When Launching Light Blue” option in the Account section of Preferences.

The next time anyone launches Light Blue, they’ll be presented with a dialog asking for their username and password before proceeding. NB. You can add Staff Resources without creating a password for them; they will be able to log in to Light Blue without entering a password at the login dialog. If however you also check the “Require Staff Password To Log In” box you will need to create a password for every Staff Resource.

If they wish to, staff members can change their password at this login stage. Though if anyone forgets their password it will need to be reset by a staff member with full admin access to change their password in the Resources section of Preferences. If the forgetful staff member already has full admin access, they can log in using the username and password for the main Light Blue account and then change their password.

Once in Light Blue, you can log in as a different staff member without needing to quit and relaunch Light Blue. Simply click “File” from the main menu bar and choose “Change Login” from the drop-down menu.

👉 It’s also possible to restrict access to Light Blue in different ways for different staff members; this help article explains how.

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