An introduction to the Light Blue API


We offer an API which will allow you to send data directly to your Light Blue account. This incoming data appears in the Inbox in the Light Blue desktop and mobile apps. For example, you could set up the contact form on your website to post messages directly into Light Blue’s Inbox, from which you can create new enquiries and contact records without needing to retype anything. Wedding & corporate photographers could use our API to capture extra information from their clients in a special form on their website (e.g. a list of shoot requests, or contact details) and you can use this information to update the relevant shoot record in Light Blue directly from the Inbox.

You can also send data to the Light Blue API from a wide range of web services via Zapier, which can act as a middleman between services like Wufoo or Google Calendar and your Light Blue account.

The Light Blue API is being used by photographers all over the world, but anything related to the web is always evolving so it’s entirely possible that bugs could appear when something outside of our control is changed. If you find any oddities in the Light Blue API, please let us know!


The Light Blue API lets you send data from web forms into Light Blue. The information will come into your Inbox in Light Blue, from where you can either convert it into a new Shoot or Contact record, or update an existing record.

The API currently allows you to send information about shoots and contacts to Light Blue. Other types of information are not currently supported, but if you run a service where our mutual customers would benefit from having information from your system appear automatically in Light Blue (e.g. orders placed via your web gallery shopping carts, or invoices that you send to photographers from your lab) then we would love to hear from you.

Currently, there are two different methods that you can use to send data to the Light Blue API:

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