🎥 Adding branding to printed/PDF invoices, quotes, and receipts

Adding your branding to Light Blue’s print or PDF invoices, quotes, and receipts helps you to keep all of your communications with your client consistent and looking great.

As well as including your company’s name and logo, you can also include details such as your company’s contact details, legal information, etc.

Using a PDF

The simplest way of doing this is by using a PDF that Light Blue can use as the background for your invoices, quotes, receipts.

You can create this PDF in variety of other apps, for example Adobe InDesign, or by “printing” to PDF from an app such as Word. PDFs render text and logos well, and using them to apply your branding to Light Blue’s templates can produce really small file sizes that are perfect for emailing a PDF invoice to a client. It’s important to make sure that the PDF you use matches the the paper size that you want to print from Light Blue: that’s usually A4 or US letter format.

To add the letterhead to Light Blue:

  1. Open the Preferences window.
  2. Go into the “Printing” section and click on the “Branding” tab.
  3. Click the “Choose PDF” button and select your PDF branding file.

Adjusting margins

If the background PDF that you’ve created has a particularly large header or footer area, you might find that the content that Light Blue renders overlaps the content of your background PDF. If so, you need to adjust the margins the Light Blue uses when it renders an invoice, quote, or receipt.

To do this, go to the “Margins” tab of the “Printing” preferences and adjust the top and bottom margins.

Other branding options

You can change the font that Light Blue uses on its printed templates by selecting one of the fonts installed on your computer in the “Fonts & Sizes” tab of the “Printing” section. If you’re using Light Blue on more than computer then it’s important to make sure that your chosen font is installed on all of the computers that you want to print from.

You can use different branding for specific shoot types by going to the “Shoot Types” section of the Preferences window and adding alternative branding files in the “Built-In Template Branding & Margins” tab.

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