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Light Blue online forms are great for getting your customer to provide information that goes straight into Light Blue, without having to retype it. It saves you time, and means you’ll never copy information down wrong. Forms can be of two types.

Contact forms

The first type is a contact form, which you make available to anyone who wants to fill it in.

You can ask how they heard about you, the contact information for the main contact on the shoot, plus anyone else coming along to the shoot. You can include a message field, which is free text. 

When you open the form in your browser, you’ll be taken to the Light Blue client portal. (There’s another video tutorial covering setting up the branding on here.)

When your client submits it, that form’s sent to Light Blue, the next time you sync, the info arrives into the inbox, and you can create a new enquiry from it. 

Shoot information forms

The second type of form is one to gather information for a shoot.

You add and publish these types of form in the Activity panel of a shoot record. Forms can be populated with information that you already know, which saves your clients time and makes it easier for them to fill out. Fields where you do not have the information in your records will be blank.

Once the form has been submitted, back in the Light Blue Inbox, you can choose what information you want to import, and then the shoot will be updated. So, it’s really simple to gather information about a shoot from your customers, and you don’t need to retype it.

Forms and contracts

The final thing to note about forms is that you can combine them with contracts. If you go to a Contract template, on there is a popup where you can select the form you want your customer to fill in during the contract signing process. This means that the process for gathering information, signing the contract and paying the booking fee can all flow on from one another in a seamless process.

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