Deleting a set of records in one go

Sometimes you may find yourself with a set of Records within Light Blue that you want to delete; you may have been testing some new Workflows and creating Records along the way, an import might have created a set of empty or perhaps duplicate Records, your import is in the wrong format and you want to redo it or perhaps you want to simply tidy up some very old Records.

You could well find yourself with a lot of entries that you want to delete and rather than having to delete them individually, the great news is it’s possible to delete them all in one go!

Finding the Records to delete

There are several ways you can find the records; the best one will be unique to the Records you’re looking to delete and the reasons why:

Deleting the Records

  • Once you have your list of Records, click on “Records” in the main menu bar.
  • Click on “Move Found Records to the Trash…”. NB. You will be asked to confirm the “Move to Trash” with an extra warning being given if another Record is linked to the Record being trashed.

Restoring Records

Even with the confirmation warnings, you may find you’ve deleted Records by mistake or perhaps have changed your mind.

Not to worry! So long as you’ve realised this within 28 days, it’s very straightforward to restore them.

NB. It’s only Records within the main sections of Light Blue that are trashed, namely Shoots, Contacts, Quotes, Sales, Purchases, and Payments. Any other item, such as notes, emails, contracts etc are deleted immediately after you’ve confirmed the deletion and cannot be restored.

  • Click on the menu item “Records”.
  • Click on “View Trash”.
  • Highlight the Records you wish to restore.
  • Click on “Restore Records”.
  • Your Records will now be back in Light Blue.
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