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We’re going to show you how you can use Light Blue’s charts section to analyse your business.

Light Blue includes a range of powerful reporting tools, and charts are a simple way to visualise various aspects of how your business is doing.

Summary of Different charts

In the Charts section, you can select from the following types of data.

Financials (income, expenditure, profit)

There are financial charts to show your income, expenditure and profit.

Financials (payments)

As well as other financial charts looking at the payments made in and out of your business. These options are particularly helpful if you want to visualise your cash flow.

Enquiries & Bookings

You can also review your enquiries and bookings to see how the numbers are looking.

Bar/Line charts

Depending on your preference, you can select bar or line charts. Some of the data types also offer ways of breaking down that information, so for example I can create a bar chart that shows my bookings broken down by enquiry source so that I can see how effective each type of marketing is.

Time Periods

I can choose the period of time that I’m interested in for this chart, and for some options I can also compare that with the same period in previous years. That’s really useful if I want to quickly see how the business is performing this year compared to previous years.

Last 12 months

The Last 12 Months period is particularly helpful for income reporting when combined with a cumulative total, as it helps you to keep an eye on tax thresholds, based on the information that you’ve added.

Open in List View

If you’d like to see where the totals in your chart have come from, you can click the ‘Open in List View’ button to go to Light Blue’s list view and see all of the records that went into that chart.

Export data

There’s also an ‘Export Data’ button, which allows you to export a CSV file of the totals from your chart so that you can open them up in Excel, or another app. 

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