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Accepting and rejecting quotes

You can create multiple, alternative quotes for a shoot. If you do so, you will want to keep track of which quote has been accepted by your client and which ones have been rejected. You can do this with the “Status” popup menu, which you’ll find in the top right corner of the quote detail screen.

When you create a new quote, its status is set to “Awaiting reply”. This shows that you’ve made the quote but that your client hasn’t confirmed that they’re happy to proceed yet.

When your client has told you which quote they want to accept, change the status of that quote to “Accepted”. There are a two places that you can do that from:

  • You can go to the quote and change the “Status” menu to “Accepted”.
  • From the shoot’s “Linked Records” panel, you can right-click on the quote and use the “Accept Quote” option.

When you accept a quote, Light Blue will ask you if you want to change the status of any other quotes for the same shoot to “Rejected” to show that your client decided not to choose them.

If you include quotes as part of an online contract, accepting the signed contract will automatically accept your client’s chosen quote and reject the others.

The shoot detail view in Light Blue shows the total of the shoot’s accepted quotes in the “Quoted” figure that’s displayed on the right side of the detail view.

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