Light Blue 2024.1

We’re pleased to announce a new update that helps you to get more from Light Blue’s powerful online scheduling feature, gives you more options for accepting payments from your clients, and improves dozens of other features.

Convert incomplete bookings into confirmed shoots

Light Blue’s scheduling calendars make it really easy for clients to book shoots and appointments with you, but sometimes they don’t complete the booking process. You can now review incomplete bookings via the Inbox, giving you new opportunities to convert them into paying customers. Our beta testers loved being able to reengage with these potential clients and book them in for shoots!

New payment options for multiple brands

One of Light Blue’s strengths is allowing you to manage as many different shoot types and brands as you need. We’ve extended this flexibility to online payments and you now have an option to link a different Stripe or Square account to each of your client portal brands. This means that invoices for one type of work could be paid into one account, and invoices for another could be paid into a different account.

Updated Stripe integration

Stripe are introducing some changes to the way that you link a Stripe account to apps like Light Blue. We’re preparing for these changes by making it possible for you to reauthorise Light Blue’s access to your Stripe account using their latest authorisation process.

Setup export & import

You can now export or import a comprehensive Light Blue setup, including shoots & appointment types, price lists, workflows, scheduling calendars, and templates. This makes it easy for photographers to share part of their Light Blue setup with others, e.g. in training workshops or when setting up a new franchise or branch.

And much moreā€¦

Our updates always include dozens of improvements, and you can discover them in the Light Blue 2024.1 release notes.

Free upgrade for subscribers

Light Blue 2024.1 is a free upgrade for all of our subscribers. We’ve loved seeing how our prerelease testers have been using the new features, and we’re keen to see what you do with it!

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