Our Android app is live!

Our Android app has been available to all of our subscribers since January, and now it’s no longer in the prerelease section of the Google Play Store: you can find it by searching for us on the Play Store, or by clicking this link ūüéČ

Light Blue Android app banner

Our prerelease testers have been sending us great feedback about the app over the last few months. They love how it allows them to take Light Blue’s most helpful everyday features out and about with them, whether that’s out on a shoot, to a meeting, or any other situation where you’re away from your desk.

The beauty of Light Blue combining apps and cloud services is that all of your data is synced to your devices, so you can carry on using it even when you don’t have an internet connection or find yourself with poor data¬†coverage. Any changes that you make while you’re offline are saved locally, and when you get back into mobile or wifi coverage then you can just launch the app again to sync any changes you made while you were offline up to your account.

In addition to all of the features that help you to stay organised and deliver a great service to your clients, Light Blue’s mobile apps give you access to a whole suite of features that make it easier for clients to work with you, including:

  • Enquiries that you receive via your contact form appear in the Inbox, and from there you can quickly respond to them with emails or text messages.
  • When a enquiry decides to book you, you can send your client an online contract to confirm the booking.
  • If you’re visiting a client for an in-person sales session, you can send them an invoice for online payment.

How to get it

Our Android app is available to all of our subscribers (and trial account users!) via the Google Play Store.

The app is a free download from the Play Store, but requires a subscription to our online services. Each mobile device you connect to your Light Blue account counts towards the number of devices on your account. For example, if you want to use Light Blue on a desktop computer, a laptop, an Android phone, and an iPad, that’s a total of four devices so you’ll need¬†to be on our plan that allows you to use up to five devices on your account.

You can upgrade your subscription to add more devices by logging into your account on our website and using the “change your number of devices” link.

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