Using the Light Blue API plugin for WordPress / GravityForms

Many professional photographers have websites that have been built on top of WordPress, and the most popular way of creating contact forms (as well as other forms for gathering data) is to use the GravityForms plugin. We've written a WordPress plugin that lets you link up GravityForms to the Light Blue API without you needing to write any special code.


To use the Light Blue API plugin for WordPress / GravityForms, you need to be hosting your own WordPress site (e.g. websites hosted on cannot use plugins) and have GravityForms 1.6 or later installed. You need a current licence for GravityForms, but any of their licences will do.


You can download the plugin from the WordPress Plugins Directory. You need to un-zip the file and copy the folder called 'gravity-forms-light-blue' to your WordPress plugins directory. This is usually located at wp-content/plugins/ in your WordPress directory. Alternatively, you can use the 'Add New' section of the Plugins settings page in your WordPress admin console to search the WordPress Plugins Directory for "light blue" and install the plugin from there.

To set up the Light Blue API plugin for WordPress, first go to the Plugins section of your WordPress admin page and activate it. Next, click the Settings link for the GravityForms plugin, then 'Light Blue API'.

In the plugin settings page, you'll need to fill in your Light Blue API key. You can find your API key by logging into the My Account section of our website.

If you want to change any of the default settings, such as the date format, you can also do that on the plugin settings page.

Linking GravityForms forms to the Light Blue API

Once you've installed the Light Blue API plugin for WordPress / GravityForms, you need to associate the fields in your forms with parameters that the Light Blue API recognises.

To do this, you need to set the 'Parameter Name' for each field on your forms. You can find the 'Parameter Name' in the form editor, by clicking the 'Edit' button for a field, going to the 'Advanced' tab, checking the 'Allow field to be populated dynamically' box.

You can find a list of the parameters that the Light Blue API recognises in the Supported Parameters section. Any fields in your forms that do not have their 'Parameter Name' set, or have a 'Parameter Name' that doesn't match a valid Light Blue API paramater, will be ignored but stored in the Gravity Forms entries database as usual.

The next few sections of this documentation aren't relevant to using the Light Blue API plugin for WordPress / GravityForms, so you can skip ahead to the list of data types and parameters supported by the Light Blue API.