Using mail merge documents

This tutorial is going to show you how to create mail-merge template documents which you can use to send letters to your customers. 

You need to create these documents in your own Word Processor, such as Word, or Open Office. We should note that Pages and TextEdit on a Mac don’t save or display RTF documents properly, so you should avoid using them. Instead, try using one of the many free word processors out there, such as open office. 

So, create your document by firing up your word processor and writing your document. Here’s one I’ve already got set up. In there, I’ve included several mail-merge tags, and there’s a full list of all of those tags here. You can also include images in here, as well as formatting, and so on. 

Note that you should type those tags in manually, rather than copying and pasting from the list on our website. Behind the scenes RTF documents can sometimes put formatting tags within the tags themselves, which will break the merge, but that’s made much less likely if you type the tags in manually. 

I’ll now save this document to my desktop. 

Going back to Light Blue, I now need to load this document into Light blue. To do that I go to Preferences, then Document Templates. I add a new record, then select the file I’ve saved to my desktop. That takes a copy of the document and saves it within Light Blue’s folder structure, so you can now safely delete the file you saved to your desktop. 

Once you’ve done that, you can add the document to a record by going to the Activity panel, clicking the plus icon, and clicking Add Document from Template. Choose the document you want to add, and it’ll be merged and opened for you. 

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