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Printing on Apple Silicon Macs

Printing on Macs that have an Apple Silicon processor (e.g. any Mac that uses an M1 or M2 processor, rather than an Intel processor) requires an additional piece of software from Apple called Rosetta 2 to be installed.

Rosetta 2 might already be installed on your Mac, in which case you’re already able to print from Light Blue. If you’re told that you need to install Rosetta 2 when you try to print, here’s how do it:

  • Launch the Terminal app (which you’ll find in /Applications/Utilities/)
  • Next, copy and paste the following command into Terminal, then press the Return key:
    • softwareupdate --install-rosetta
  • Type A when it asks if you agree to the terms and conditions and hit Return.
  • Return to Light Blue and try to print again.
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