🎥 Overview of a shoot record

Your photography business is built on the shoots that you do for clients, so Light Blue organises everything around shoots.

To add a new shoot from wherever you are in Light Blue, click the “New Shoot” button in the toolbar.

There’s lots of useful information on the shoot detail view, but there are a few bits of especially important information that we want to highlight.

Shoot type & status

You can use shoot types to group your bookings together and get Light Blue to do useful things like apply different branding or workflows. You can find out more about setting up shoot types in this article.

We’re an optimistic bunch, and like to think of enquiries simply as shoots which haven’t been confirmed yet. When you create a new shoot, we set the status to “Enquiry” but you can change that when your client confirms their booking. You can find out more about shoot statuses in this article.

Contact details

It’s important to record your client’s details so that you know who you’re doing this job for and so that you can get back in touch with them.

To add a contact to a shoot:

  1. In the “Linked Records” panel, click the + button.
  2. If this is a client you’ve already worked with, select the “Existing Contact” option to search your database and link their contact details to this new shoot.
  3. If it’s a new client, select the “New Contact” option and enter their details.

You can link as many contacts as you like to a shoot. e.g. for a family portrait you can list each member of the family separately, or for a wedding you should add the couple as separate contacts. You can always add those extra contacts at a later stage though.

Dates & times

If your client has a date in mind for the shoot, you enter that in the “Date” section. Light Blue will automatically detect any clashes with any other events in your database and highlight the date that you enter in red if it clashes with a confirmed booking, or orange if it clashes with an enquiry.

Other information

Shoots are central to everything that you do in Light Blue, so we’ve grouped together a set of articles that explore how Light Blue can help to you manage them.

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