🎥 Merging records together


If you accidentally add the same information to Light Blue more than once, it’s helpful to be able to merge the two records together. For example, if you’re taking the details of a new enquiry and don’t realise that you’ve already dealt with that client, you might end up with two contact records for the same person.

How to merge two records together

To merge records, start by finding one of the records that you’re interested in. Then, in the Records menu, click Merge Record, and type the name of the record that you’d like to merge with.

When two records are merged, the values in all of the fields in those records are merged together. There’s a dialog to allow you to choose which information you want to keep when there are any disagreements between the two records.

All of the contact details, like email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses, are also merged into this record, so you still have all of those details in one place.

Things like tasks, notes, documents, forms & contracts from both records are kept, too.

Finally you’ll also find a note in the activity tab with all of the merged information, so you can see that this record was merged and have a copy of the old data, too.

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