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Marking cheques and cash as paid in

While most forms of payment are handled electronically these days, if you’re paid by cash or cheque / check then it’s helpful to keep track of both when your client paid you and when you actually paid that money in to your bank.

The “Paid In Date” / “Deposited Date” field on the payment detail view is there so the you can record when you deposited that payment at the bank (it’s labelled “Deposited Date” if Light Blue is set to use American English, or “Paid In Date” in the rest of the world).

One way of marking your cheque or cash as paid in is to simply put a date in that field. However, it’s possible to mark all the outstanding items as paid in in one go:

  1. Use the “Cash/Cheques To Pay In” quick query to select all payments that have their “Method” field set to “Cash”, “Cheque”, or “Check” and have not yet been marked as paid in.
  2. Go to the “Records” menu, then into the “Housekeeping” sub-menu, and select “Mark Cheques And Cash As Paid In” (or “Mark Checks And Cash As Deposited” if you’re in the USA).
  3. That will put today’s date in the “Paid In Date” field, and will therefore remove those items from the quick query. 
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