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Online galleries: linking Light Blue to Pic-Time

Linking Light Blue to your Pic-Time account makes to keep all your financial information together because orders will be sent to Light Blue, imported as sales, and linked to the relevant client and shoot. As well as being able to see exactly what each client has ordered from all of their shoots, you’ll be able to include these orders when you’re using Light Blue’s powerful reporting features: this makes it easier to identify your most important clients, or spot opportunities for further sales.

How to link your Pic-Time account

  1. Open the Preferences window in the Light Blue desktop app.
  2. Go to the “Integrations” section.
  3. Click on the “API & Zapier” tab. If you haven’t already created a Light Blue API key, click the “Generate API Key” button to do so.
  4. Click on the “Online Galleries” tab, then click the “Link Pic-Time Account” button.
  5. You’ll be asked to log into your Light Blue account on our website, then shown a link to authorise giving Light Blue access to your Pic-Time account. Click the link.
  6. You’ll be asked to log into your Pic-Time account, then shown a page that asks if you want to grant Light Blue access to your Pic-Time account. Click the “Approve” button.
  7. You’ll be redirected to your Light Blue account and it will show that you’ve successfully linked your Pic-Time account.

Importing orders from online galleries

Once you’ve linked Pic-Time to your Light Blue account, new orders will be sent to the Inbox in Light Blue. To import an order into Light Blue:

  1. Select the order in the Inbox.
  2. Click the “Import Order” button.

All of the details provided by the online gallery will be imported into a new sale:

  • Light Blue will attempt to match the client’s details with the contacts in your database. If it finds a match, it will link the sale to that contact. There’s an option in the import window to automatically create a new contact record if Light Blue doesn’t find a match.
  • If Light Blue has been able to link the sale to a contact, it check if that contact has any confirmed shoots and offer to link the sale to that client’s most recent shoot.
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