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Importing multiple contacts via to our API

The Light Blue API allows you to send multiple contacts in a single API call. This can be particularly useful when gathering information from clients about a shoot that involves several people. For example, a wedding photographer could use a form to ask clients for the best man’s details, those of the chief bridesmaid, etc.

To send multiple contacts in the same API call, you need to prefix the contact parameters with a number identifying which contact each belongs to. For example:

  • 1:ContactNameFull
  • 1:ContactPhoneMobile
  • 2:ContactNameFull
  • 2:ContactPhoneMobile

When you choose to import data with multiple contacts into the desktop version of Light Blue, it will automatically create separate contact records for each of them and link them to the shoot record you’re updating. The contacts will automatically be grouped together for you, with the first contact being made the head of the group, unless you supply the optional GroupContacts parameter and give it a value of “False”.

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