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Emails: how many can I send via Light Blue?

We have to be very careful about maintaining the sender reputation for our email services and the IP addresses of our application servers, so we do have rate limits that apply to all emails sent via Light Blue.

What are the limits?

Currently, these limits are:
• 50 emails/hour
• 75 emails/day

More details

Emails that are sent automatically by our services (e.g. any autoresponder you’ve set up for your contact forms, online contract signing notification emails, online invoice payments receipts, etc) do not count towards those limits.

We expect Light Blue users to ensure that they’re only sending high quality emails via our services and that their recipients are expecting to receive them, so these limits have proved to high enough for the vast majority of our customers.

Reaching the email sending limits

In the rare cases where a customer hits one of these limits, we work with them to understand the kinds of email that they’re sending and can either adjust the limit or recommend that they use a different tool to send some of their emails. For example, we recommend that in situations where you want to send the same email to a number of clients at the same time, you use a dedicated mass emailing tool such as Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign: using a dedicated mass mailing service for this type of message will be more reliable than trying to use your own mail server and avoids the risks of having either your email account or our servers flagged up as being a potential spammer.

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