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Data types for sending data to our API

The values that you send in an API call each have one of the following data types. Any data that doesn’t match the specified data type will either be ignored or converted by our API to comply with the data type:

  • Text: Single-line text fields. These values should not have end of line characters in them (i.e. should be generated from an HTML form control such as <input type=”text”/>).
  • Text Long: Multi-line text fields. These fields may have end of line characters in them (i.e. can be generated from a form control such as <textarea></textarea>).
  • Date: A date. The date must be valid, and in one of our supported formats. If you don’t specify a format, we will assume that all dates are in dd/mm/yyyy format (i.e. with leading zeros for day and month). You can specify a different format by supplying a DateFormat parameter in your POST request. The current supported formats are: dd/mm/yyyy, d/m/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, m/d/yyyy, yyyy/mm/dd, yyyy/m/d
  • Time: A time. The time must be valid, and in one of the following formats: hh:mm (i.e. a 24-hour time with leading zeros for the hour), h:mm (i.e. a 24-hour time without leading zeros for the hour), hh:mm AM, h:mm AM, hh:mm PM, h:mm PM
  • Timestamp: A date with an optional time. The date and time must be valid, and one of the following format: ‘2014-12-25 09:00:00’, ‘2014-12-25T09:00:00’, ‘2014-12-25T09:00:00+02:00’, ‘20141225T090000’, or ‘2014-12-25’. If a timezone offset (e.g. the ‘+02:00’ in ‘2014-12-25T09:00:00+02:00’) is supplied then it will be ignored, because Light Blue assumes that all times are expressed in your local timezone.
  • Currency: An amount. This can have up to two decimal places, and can be negative if the first character is a hyphen. The Light Blue API will assume that you are using a full stop character as your decimal separator, unless you specify a different decimal separator by supplying a DecimalSeparator parameter in your POST request (e.g. a comma for European currency formats). The allowed values for DecimalSeparator are , (a comma) and . (a full stop). All other characters, including currency symbols and thousands separators, will be ignored.
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