Adding your own outgoing email server to your Light Blue account

Light Blue’s built-in email system is very easy to use, and you can start using it with next to no setup because all you need to do is provide us with the email address that you want your clients’ replies to go to. The email is sent from your customisable email address, but the from name makes it look like it came from you and replies will be sent to your own email address.

[screenshot that shows how an email from our servers looks in an email client]

Some of you will prefer to send email via your own outgoing email server. This allows you to use your own from address. Outgoing email servers are also known as SMTP servers, and your email provider can give you the details you’ll need to use their outgoing mail server with Light Blue.

To add your own outgoing email server, go to the email settings page in your account on our website.

Adding a Gmail or G Suite account

If you want to send emails via a Gmail or G Suite account, that’s really easy to set up:

  1. Click the ‘Add a new Gmail account’ button.
  2. Enter your Gmail address. 
  3. In the next screen that appears, select the account that matches that email address. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to give Light Blue access to your account and then we will automatically set up all of the other details for you.

Once you’ve added an outgoing email server, it’s always a good idea to send yourself a test message to check that it’s working properly. There’s a link on the email account setup page that allows you to do that.

Adding an SMTP server

You can also add other types of outgoing email server by entering the details that your email provider has given you. To do that:

  1. Click the ‘Add a different type of email account’ button.
  2. Give it a description.
  3. Enter the details that you’ve been given.
  4. Finally, click the ‘Add new mail server’ button at the bottom of the this page to save these details, and then click the ‘send a test message’ link to make sure that you’ve entered them correctly.

Using your email accounts in Light Blue

Now that you’ve added your outgoing mail servers’ details to your Light Blue account, they’ll be available for you to use in Light Blue.

When you create an email, use the “From” menu to select which account you want to send the email from.

You can set your default outgoing mail server in the “Email” section of the Preferences window. Whenever you create an email, Light Blue will automatically select this default outgoing email server for you.

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