About us

Light Blue Software was set up in 2008 to bring you Light Blue, a comprehensive piece of software that helps you to run a photography business, which since then has been constantly developed in collaboration with professional photographers from around the world.

Light Blue Software is:

  • A small, responsive company.
  • Run and staffed by people who have a passionate interest in producing really good stuff.
  • Committed to giving you value for money by producing good software at a fair price.
  • Keen to hear from you if you've got ideas for things which should be added or changed in a future version of Light Blue.

Light Blue Software is not:

  • Set in its ways; if we can work out a better way of doing something, we'll work our hardest to see how we can incorporate that idea.
  • Fairtrade or organic (we would be if we could, but we make software, so it's not an option for us).

The people in the secret Light Blue bunker

Tom Catchesides

Tom Catchesides founded Light Blue Software, and Light Blue is based upon the system that he first wrote to run his own successful wedding photography business. Since then, Light Blue has grown into a vital system that runs thousands of photography businesses around the world and Tom is now concentrating all of his time on Light Blue Software. He's responsible for product development as well as running the company.

Ian Martindale

Ian Martindale is in charge of looking after all of Light Blue's customers, answering any questions that you might have and helping you to get the most out of Light Blue. Ian has lots of experience with helping photography businesses of all shapes and sizes and he’s also our expert at integrating Light Blue with other systems. With his background in wedding and commercial photography & film making, he’s helped thousands of photographers to succeed with Light Blue.

Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans focuses on helping photographers to get started with Light Blue and make sure you're getting the most out of it. She also runs her own photography business, so she brings her own practical experience of using Light Blue to run her business along with everything she's learned by helping photographers working in many different genres and countries.