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Light Blue is software which helps run a photography business. Designed for all types of photographers all over the world, it's easy to use and makes admin simple. Light Blue 5 out now!

  • Speed things up – quickly find information about your jobs
  • Do things your way – it's easy to customize
  • No need for a network connection – work offline, then share data between devices when you're online
  • Cross-platform – designed for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad
  • So much more than just an accounts package – a comprehensive diary and contact list, all in one place
  • Mark Wilson

    "Great service from the guys at Light Blue Software - couldn't have been quicker or more efficient."
    Mark Wilson

    Guy Collier

    "The new version of @lighterblue is the one that'll finally ensnare me..."
    Guy Collier

  • First Light Photo

    "Once again I'm bowled over by how amazing Light Blue is and wondering how I ever managed without it."
    First Light Photo

    Mui Tsun

    "Just want to thank Hamish for answering my endless questions x"
    Mui Tsun

  • Rob Pugh

    "Light Blue has to be the best management software for all photographers!! I'd be lost without it."
    Rob Pugh

    Steve Carter Hewson

    "So far, Light Blue has been the best investment for the business side of my work I have made."
    Steve Carter Hewson

  • Richard Davenport

    "Just watched the demo of the new Light Blue. I shall definitely be upgrading - looks just brilliant!!"
    Richard Davenport

    Marianne Taylor

    "I do realise that I just got excited about data management. Rock'n'roll."
    Marianne Taylor

Why choose Light Blue?

  • It'll help you make more money: you can quickly analyse how people are hearing about you and if your spending's working.
  • It'll save you time: everything's in one place, so your information is always at your fingertips.
  • It's really easy to use: we've been terrier-like in our pursuit of simplicity.
  • It's easy to work on several computers, iPhones and iPads: it's really simple to set up and syncs away in the background - like magic, but real.
  • We're really good at tech support: we've got lots of video tutorials to help you get up to speed quickly, and are always swift to reply to questions.
  • We're always innovating: we're always working to improve what we do, be that with new features or tweaks to how existing ones work.

Click the dots on the screenshot above to see more about some of the great ways in which Light Blue can help you, or take the tour...


"We know how important it is to have a well-organised business, and recommend Light Blue."

"The new online services really make this product shine... Light Blue simply syncs away - genius!"

"Few applications have approached Light Blue's accessibility... a truly intuitive and natural flow."

"I think that Light Blue and a monthly online subscription is an absolutely vital investment."

Aspire Photography Training

Photo Professional magazine

British Journal of Photography

f2 Freelance Photographer magazine


Online services

It's really easy to share your data between computers.

We've taken the best bits of a web application (access from all your devices, dead simple to set up) and the best bits of a desktop application (zippiness, ability to work when you're not online) and combined them into one great product.

Work offline, then sync your changes when you're online. If you're online, we'll send and receive without you even knowing it, so you're always up to date. It's great for when you're out and about, on a train, or simply when your office internet connection's gone bang and you want to check a shoot's details. And, of course, our iPad and iPhone apps play nicely with the online services, too.

It's like magic, but it's real.

New for v5: Link the forms on your website up to your Light Blue account with a plugin for Gravity Forms on Wordpress (or, for techies, an API). That makes it quicker to enter new enquiries or get your clients to give you more information about their shoots.

"I can't believe that setting up syncing is as simple as checking a box in Preferences. It's genius!" - DW, a Light Blue customer


iPad and iPhone apps

Never leave your data behind

We've designed the iPad and iPhone apps as simplified companions to the desktop application, so they're useful to you out and about on the road. They're great for keeping track of information on the go, when you're not in front of your computer - with them, you'll be able to manage your shoots, contacts, tasks, sales and purchases - and, of course, they play nicely with our online services.

Watch a video with more information about our iPad and iPhone apps, or find out more on our iOS page.

The app is available as a free download in the App Store; each iPhone or iPad counts towards the number of devices registered to your account. The apps need an iPhone 4 or newer, or any current iPad, with iOS 5 or later.




  • New users: £295$470
  • Upgrades from existing versions: £95$150

If you choose to subscribe to our online services, you'll get free updates as long as you're subscribed. Otherwise, you'll get minor updates for the version you've bought.

Note these prices are flat fees, not per machine, so if you're after using 10 devices with our online services, you'll still only pay £295$470 for a new licence.

The iPad and iPhone versions are free, but you need to be subscribed to the online services to use them.

System requirements: Mac OS 10.6+; Windows Vista or higher; iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 or any iPad, both with iOS 5 or higher. Importing emails on Windows requires Outlook 32-bit.

Online services

These prices are in addition to the software price. Don't forget that if you choose to subscribe to our online services, you'll get free updates as long as you're subscribed.

  • 1-2 devices: £7.50$12.50/month
    Great for one-person businesses who want to use Light Blue on a couple of machines
  • 3-5 devices: £15$25/month
    Ideal for partnerships or people who've got several computers
  • 6-10 devices: £25$40/month
    Perfect for the bigger business

If you've got a vast empire with more than 10 devices, get in touch with us for more a personalized quote.

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